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To impart quality and updated educational instructions to the students coming from Tribal, rural, and urban areas to the marginalized group of the society by updating their knowledge, creating social awareness, imbibing morality, making them good human being, responsible citizen and multi facet dynamic teachers. 
•    To provide quality teacher education to students of the district as well as state.
•    Be a leader in educational services to the people of the district.
•    To provide innovative learning experience to enable the students to realise their potential and mould their personality.
•    To make available equal opportunities to all irrespective of gender, class, caste, religion, and economic condition.
•   To provide state of art teaching facility and empower society with educational reforms.


•    To transform people by providing quality education with a human touch by inculcating human values such as love, sincerity, empathy, co-operation and constitutional values and thereby impart these values to their students to create a better society.

•    Show path of wisdom to students by guidance and support, empower and parish them. 
•    Help students in identifying their inner strength and over come weakness through education and social collaboration.
•    Make students more people centric and help them understand power of education.
•    Implement quality teaching system and practise amongst students and make them innovative and creative.

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